How to use

How to use system

Welcome to EEC OSS

You can view and search for business information in the system to assist you in making investment decisions.

User registration or Login

To access the Member portal system, users must first register or login. To gain access, log in using your name, email address, and password.

Finding an investment area

interested in investing in the area

when you log in Select the service menu “My company” Name Box “Interested in investing in the EEC area”, press [+] to add or search for information on suitable areas for investment.

Choose an area and service

Entrepreneurs choose the services they want or do a Smart Assessment questionnaire in order for the system to recommend the services they need.

Interested in the area and fill in the data

Operators fill out the information to reserve the area of interest. Your information will be sent. and wait for a response from the system or the seller of the area

Interested in areas / show areas of interest

Name box “Interested in investing in the EEC area” will show the name of the reserved area. When successful, the system will open to this area. Able to apply for a permit

Contact EEC OSS

If the operator has questions want to contact staff, Select the service menu “Contact EEC OSS”, press [+] to create a contact to inquire with staff here.

Requesting a license


when you log in Select the service menu “eService” You can request various permits. via online easily and quickly

Fill out the form and upload the documents.

Entrepreneurs fill out information and submit documents online. They can apply for multiple services at the same time without having to re-enter the information.

Track status

Operator confirms submission of request. and can track the request status through the system

Contact the staff and edit documents

For the case that the operator has questions want to contact staff or the officer wants the operator to take additional corrections

Pay fees and get a license

The operator pays the fee and informs address to deliver the license

Related services

Service Group

Once logged in Select the service menu “Other services” select sub-menu “Service Groups”, you can view details of related service information.


Public services provided for the benefit of necessities for life such as electricity, water supply

Government agency

Government agency is the main organization responsible for the development of the country and taking care of the well-being of the people for administration

Insurance / Accident Insurance

Insurance / Accident is insurance that provides protection to the insured in the event that the insured suffers any accidents.

Other services

as a service related to facilitation such as logistics Delivery of goods, including warehouse inventory management. according to customer requirements